Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Set Your Limits

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Often, some of my friends talked to me their intention to further study. However, until today the only step they made was talking. You get what I mean? Whenever I sit with them and asked about this topic again, they will say “I wait for my friend/s to further study together”.

I could not blame them for that reason. All of us need friends in our life. Most of people said everything will turn great when we were with our friends. I agreed with this statement. However, for how many long you need to wait?

Waiting for friends or other people decision is like you jump, I jump situation for me. You only proceed with you plan when they give you a green light.  Even if you are mentally and financially ready but they are not, eventually you will postpone your plan.  See, you are not only wasting your time but your energy as well.  

So my simple advice is; set your limits of waiting.  For example, you will only wait for them for 1 year. 

After that, if they are still not ready so you just proceed with your plan. Just because you and your friends are good friend for so long, it’s doesn’t mean that you have to follow every single moves they make.  Explain to them nicely why you cannot wait of them anymore. I believe if they are your true friends, they’ll understand and support your decision. 

Remember; always set limits in everything in our life.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Tindakon Dazang Beach - A Throwback

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I couldn't really remember how many times I been into this beach. Located at Kudat, this beach a lil bit isolated but offer such a wonderful beach view to the visitors. At this beach visitor also can see an unique rock formation which looks like a lion head. During low tide, there is a cave behind this rock and worth to explore. However, I still don’t get my luck to explore the cave.  Next visit, maybe?

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Beach Calling - Kelambu Beach

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Beautiful views at the Kelambu Beach ( Pantai Kelambu), Kudat. Too bad that I can't stay till late in the evening to capture the sunset view. Anyway I promise to come back to this place again in the future. 

Entrance Fee: NIL

How to get there: Easy, just use Waze app.

Accessibility: Road Condition to this place can be access by all type of cars 

Public Facilities: There are toilets available and need to pay RM0.30 but during my visit, toilets are closed and locked. 

My final verdict: Nice beach, beautiful views but lots of rubbish’s (tree branches, plastics, bottles)

Monday, 2 October 2017


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What is the crucial part when you are planning to run a business?

Most of people say planning is the crucial part when you are doing business because planning process will help you to set up the business goal.

Some may say budgeting also play an important role in business because by doing budgeting will effectively keep your business financially on good track.

Meanwhile, don’t forget about marketing. Marketing will help you to introduce your products or services to the potential customer. If you have good products but you failed in marketing, your business is not going anyway.

And for sure there are few other important elements of business, but these three elements always on the top in business discussion.

But let me give one word.


The urgency to make sure all the important elements in business happens.